Innovative technologies, modern design and highest demands to quality are the basis for visiomatic's success. Following this strategy, the company and its products were awarded in diverse areas: as one of the most innovative companies in Germany, for the design of the visiPad Displays, for one of the best products in design and technology, as well as for the advertising campaigns of visiomatic.

    International Design Award BW 2004

    The Design Center Stuttgart has invited entries for the 2004 Baden-W├╝rttemberg International Design Award under the topic "Focus Dialog". This government award is given to manufacturers and designers for forward-looking, professional and excellent design work. With a new "Focus" topic each year, the competition presents a special challenge for entrants. The competition shows who has the best-designed solutions for current trends and for the topics that are of particular interest for experts and the general public.

    In "Focus Dialog", the focus of interest was on the interaction between people and product. Simple use and ease of operation are increasingly becoming a must in all branches of industry and for all types of goods. In an increasingly complex world, the products with the best chance are those that are self-explanatory, easy to use, and those that make life simpler.

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