Innovative technologies, modern design and highest demands to quality are the basis for visiomatic's success. Following this strategy, the company and its products were awarded in diverse areas: as one of the most innovative companies in Germany, for the design of the visiPad Displays, for one of the best products in design and technology, as well as for the advertising campaigns of visiomatic.

    Yearbook of Advertising

    The "Jahrbuch der Werbung" was founded by Eckhard Neumann and Wolfgang Sprang in 1964 with the original title "Werbung in Deutschland - Jahrbuch der deutschen Werbung". Today, this annual book of advertising is a well-known establishment in the world of marketing and promotion. In 1992, Dr. Helmut Thoma and Willi Schalk were appointed as publisher. Together with Peter Strahlendorf, who parallely acts as editor in chief , they yearly award the best campaigns of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

    The main criteria for being awarded as the best campaign are a clear concept of marketing communication, conciseness of the stucture, as well as the characteristics to have a trend-setter functionality through concept and design for the respective branch of trade.

    The 2003 edition of "Jahrbuch der Werbung" affiliated visiomatic's print media like advertisements, flyers and brochures, which were created by BBM Werbeagentur GmbH together with visiomatic.

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