Home System

visiomatic Ambience

Perfected elegance, simple understatement and effectiveness in its purest form: our products go far beyond mere dreams of comfort.

Expect more than just technology which has been perfected down to the last detail and you will find a multifunction talent which fits your personality exactly in terms of function and design.

No technology is foreign to us. The visiomatic Home System can be integrated in so many ways that it can handle virtually any technology no matter whether based on hardware or software as long as it has a standard interface such as S232 / RS485, Infrared,TCP/IP, USB, RS485, ISDN, Bluetooth, etc.

Moreover, single terminal units as well as complex bus systems such as EIB/KNX, LON, Lutron, Powernet, LCN, BACNET, OPC, Domati, ISYGLT and many more can be connected to the visiomatic Home System.

All of the devices and services are shown in the design of the visiomatic Home System user interface. A respective module handles the communication between the visiomatic Home System and the integrated technology. Concentrating on the essential function features makes even the most complicated system comfortable and easy to operate.


The visiServer is the heart of the visiomatic Home System and administrates all server modules and licenses. There is only one visiServer installation in each building or project which forms the basis for all subsequent visiomatic Home System installations.

Technology is child's play when you use the visiomatic Home System.

The visiomatic Home System is based on international software standards, and its large number of available interfaces, enables the integration of virtually any device and technology. Updates and upgrades can be simply downloaded into the existing visiomatic Home System without any additional installation work. So every single customized system can be expanded at any time without any trouble and can grow along with the demands and wishes of our customers without requiring further planning expenditures.

Multifunctional and mobile, innovative and investment-proof. The ready-to-go product can be used as soon as it has been installed. No matter whether you plan to operate it with visiPad displays, HomePad, iPhone / iPod Touch or remote control: you won't need instruction manuals, computer skills or any similar capabilities to use the ergonomic user interface, which makes use of simple menus and intuitive symbols to guide you.